How SAPS protects the killers within its ranks

Every year, police in South Africa kill hundreds of people and are accused of brutalising thousands more. A new investigation by Viewfinder has revealed that the killings and brutality are enabled by police management’s reluctance to discipline officers accused of wrongdoing in these cases. This is true even when watchdog investigations conclude that these officers should be disciplined. Given free rein to re-offend, problem officers may become emboldened. For their victims, the consequences can be dire.

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Police are not held accountable for child killings, watchdog records reveal

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) has investigated the killings and deaths in custody of dozens of children since 2012. Almost none of these cases have resulted in convictions. As the justice system moves swiftly on the Nathaniel Julies murder case in Eldorado Park, the police watchdog finds itself at a crossroads. This week IPID’s new head will visit some of the directorate’s provincial offices to give “strategic direction” to ensure that justice is served for police brutality victims and their families. But, can her leadership overcome years of cover-up and dysfunction?

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Parliament failed to vet Cele’s nomination for IPID head

In 2016, the Constitutional Court found that the police minister’s power over the nomination and removal of the IPID head made the police watchdog vulnerable to political manipulation. But, Parliament failed to fully reign in the minister’s powers when it amended the IPID Act last year. Last week, it rubber stamped police minister Bheki Cele’s pick for the IPID head.

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IPID a no-show in Petrus Miggels police assault probe

It has been a month since the police watchdog told Parliament that it would properly investigate allegations that police assaulted Petrus Miggels moments before he died on the first day of lockdown. An investigator has still not returned to the scene of the assault or interviewed key witnesses, according to Miggels’ family.

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NPA and IPID commit to tackling high-level police corruption

The NPA and IPID have recommitted to their collaboration on high-level corruption cases, in response to a report from Viewfinder that the police watchdog had pulled investigators from a joint task team. But, details of the forward going partnership remain vague.

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Artist hopes portrait will haunt police


Catch us on @SAfmRadio with @StephenGrootes at 8:30am this morning, discussing our investigation of @SAPoliceService and its refusal to discipline officers accused of brutality and unlawful killings.

Public records published. Follow the hyperlinks in this article to learn more about how @viewfinderjourn reported the cover-up at @SAPoliceService which protects killers in its ranks #AboveTheLaw

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