Tapes reveal secret workings of police disciplinary hearings for murder and brutality cases

The mother of a dead child has given Viewfinder access to the tapes of a disciplinary hearing of the police officer accused of killing her son. The officer was found not guilty, though the police watchdog had concluded he had a case of “murder” and “misconduct” to answer. The tapes reveal the inner workings of South African Police Service (SAPS) hearings, from which brutality accused officers routinely emerge unpunished, and from which even the police watchdog is excluded.

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How SAPS protects the killers within its ranks

Every year, police in South Africa kill hundreds of people and are accused of brutalising thousands more. A new investigation by Viewfinder has revealed that the killings and brutality are enabled by police management’s reluctance to discipline officers accused of wrongdoing in these cases. This is true even when watchdog investigations conclude that these officers

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Police deal with watchdog will protect violent cops

Police arrest a protester at the Siqalo informal settlement near Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. (Photo: Ashraf Hendricks / GroundUp) Police commanders will be empowered to overrule watchdog findings against their colleagues when a new agreement between the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) takes effect. The draft agreement was

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Our latest article uncovered a number of cases where police refused to act against cops implicated in violence, even as @NPA_Prosecutes and @IPID_ZA concluded the allegations were justified: http://ow.ly/ZipP50G4H2b

A new investigation by @viewfinderjourn reveals the details of a new deal between the @SAPoliceService & its watchdog, @IPID_ZA. This deal will empower police commanders to veto IPID findings against cops implicated in torture, rape, murder & other crimes. https://buff.ly/3jCXCiS

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