Watch: Marikana’s long shadow

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This Carte Blanche episode was co-produced by Viewfinder and aired on M-Net on 28 August 2022

This month marks 10 years since the massacre at Marikana, where police shot and killed 34 striking miners. Despite the findings of an independent inquiry, no one within the police has been held accountable. Yet, evidence suggests police abuses didn’t end on the day of the shooting. In the weeks after the massacre, scores of miners were arrested, many claiming they were assaulted or tortured. Never-before-seen documents now reveal how police management unilaterally exonerated 77 officers implicated in these assaults and torture cases. Ten years on, there is every indication that the brutality at Marikana, and the lack of accountability that followed, is systemically rooted within the culture of the police service. No clearer is that demonstrated than in CCTV footage captured on the streets of New Germany north of Durban showing the premeditated killing of a defenceless suspect.

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